Adam Prudens Law | Ghanem Law Firm

Adam Prudens Law

Adam Prudens Law has very quickly grown and now operates as a full-service legal support company in the UK, South Africa and Australia.

Today, our partner enjoys a position at the forefront of the legal profession. We are proud of working in collaboration and partnership to meet our clients needs and to secure a long-term, sustainable success in all legal matters.

Debitura | Ghanem Law Firm


Debitura is a leading global debt recovery firm, assisting thousands of businesses in finding legal debt recovery assistance across the globe, and now we at Ghanem Law Firm, are proud to announce our exclusive partnership with Debitura in Lebanon.

Global Law Experts | Ghanem Law Firm

Global Law Experts

Global Law Experts (GLE) is the premier guide to leading attorneys throughout the world. We are the only organisation to recommend just one legal expert in each key practice area and country. We do this to avoid repetition, competition and extensive comparative research when selecting external legal counsel. Ghanem Law Firm is exclusively recommended by Global Law Experts as a corporate law expert in Lebanon.

The Law Reporters | Ghanem Law Firm

The Law Reporters

We are thrilled that we have been recommended by The Law Reporters one of the best Law Firms in the MENA region, such a privilege from a repository of intellectual analytical wealth encompassing a wide array of laws, covering the legal and regulatory landscape of the Middle Eastern region.

International Bar Association | Ghanem Law Firm

International Bar Association

The International Bar Association, established in 1947, is the world's leading international organisation of legal practitioners, bar associations and law societies. The IBA influences the development of international law reform and shapes the future of the legal profession throughout the world.

American Bar Association | Ghanem Law Firm

American Bar Association

Our mission is to serve equally our members, our profession and the public by defending liberty and delivering justice as the national representative of the legal profession.

Interact Law | Ghanwm law Firm

Interact Law

Interact Law is a referral network built on relationships to cross-refer business around the globe. Interact Law started its journey back in the early 90’s as a European organisation and has since grown and developed into an internationally independent network of legal firms, some of whom have been members of the group for over 20 years.

The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) | Ghanem Law Firm

The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb)

CIArb is an international centre of excellence for the practice and profession of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). CIArb provides education and training for arbitrators, mediators and adjudicators. It also acts as a global hub for practitioners, policy makers, academics and those in business, supporting the global promotion, facilitation and development of all ADR methods.

Lebanese and International Arbitration Center | Ghanem Law Firm

Lebanese and International Arbitration Center

The Center is administered and supervised by three committees presided by the Director of the Center, each according to the scope of works as determined in the Center’s Statutes. The Center has adopted modern rules that conform to international arbitration practices and takes into consideration technology pertaining to arbitration services with respect to notifications via emails or the holding of hearings via audiovisual means.

Beirut Bar Association | Ghanem Law Firm

Beirut Bar Association

The Beirut Bar Association is the association encompassing the lawyers mandatorily registered in its bar roll, to whom the law restricted the right to represent and plead before courts and achieve the mission of justice by revealing legal opinion and depending the rights, pursuant to the provisions of the Law on the Organization of the Profession of Law No. 70/8 with it amendments and to the bylaws of the Bar and the Regulation of the Profession’s Ethics.