Ghanem Law Firm: Litigation
Litigation is the process of taking a case through court. Litigation is an action brought in court to enforce particular right.The litigation or legal process is most common in civil lawsuits. In litigation, there is a plaintiff (one who brings the charge) and a defendant (one against whom the charge is brought).
Litigation is the process of resolving disputes by filing or answering a complaint through the public court system. The nature of this complaint (including the probable outcome for each side) becomes the basis for any settlement negotiations.

We, GLF Asses the chances of winning potential legal actions and advising clients whether to take action or negotiate a settlement accordingly.

Preparing, submitting and following up lawsuits in the courts of First Instance, Appeal and Cassation. The majority of those litigations involve: Corporate, Insurance, Banking, Real Estate, Telecom, Employment, Intellectual Property, Penal laws and miscellaneous.  Instituting Injunctive proceedings before the competent judicial authorities for the protection of my client’s rights.